Maulana Azad Academy

Student's Daily Routine

(Time Table)

Time Description
At Dawn - 5-00 a.m Get up from bed & Take part in Namaz "Fazar"
5-40 a.m. Attend Prayer of Academy
5-45 a.m. Breakfast and Tea.
6-15 a.m. Opening of class teaching with a Prayer of National Anthem
8.20 a.m. Tiffin.
10-30 a.m. Ending of class teaching.
11-00 a.m. Lunch.
12-30 pm. Taking part in Namaz of 'Johar'
12-45 To 4-25 p.m. Special coaching class.
4-30 p.m. Namaz of 'Asar' and Islamic basic teaching and newspaper reading
4-30 p.m. Light Tiffin.
4-55 p.m. Games and Sports (Indoor and Out door)
5-00 p.m. Namaz of 'Magrib'.
6-00 p.m Tiffin
6-30 pm. Self Study.
9-20 p.m. Namaz of 'Isha'.
9-40 p.m. Supper.
10-00 p.m. Go to bed.

** Time table may be changed according to Seasons.
** Pupils of class VII or above may be allowed to self-Study
after 10 p.m. if necessary.